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People often assume the Age of Discovery is over, but there is so much we still don’t know, and the world is still in need of adventurous explorers.

                       –Trond Larsen, RA Program Director, Conservation International



About a week ago on 10 February, the western hemisphere synchronized with the eastern hemisphere to establish a resonant new year—one that could actually be felt by those who feel such things.  Throughout that day, a sense that ‘things were falling into place’ was ripe.

Paradoxically, our human-centric world is falling apart in more ways than one.  You may have felt this vibe more.

Sadly, this is no longer news to any of us.  And yet…..

It just feels like its time to rock that old mindset that has spread like an illness across the planet, thanks to globalization, greed and fear which have strengthened over the decades.  Why?  Because collectively, our genuine sense of well-being has been hijacked by virtual reality.  You know…cel phones, apps, TV, computers…the stuff we tend to be obsessed with.

Remember–this stuff is all made up.  It’s made by companies who have seduced humanity into thinking their made up version of reality is ‘better.’ 

The effect?  A collective inability to see beyond things toward the cultivation of something greater.

Alert the Driver

What many of us are realizing is that the primary driver of our planet’s ills is how we see the world, which has deep taproots into how we think.  In fact, the prime mover of anything is how we see it.

But in western worlds, the seeing aspect is overlooked in favor of thinking.

Which is why when we focus on our thinking alone, we’re generally unable to rise above—move beyond—the activity of the mind.  And so we know the earth is being rapidly destroyed by our activities, but feel small or helpless in our individual or even collective ability to make the world a better place for all living creatures.

The fascinating thing is that seeing precedes thinking.


Contemplation Landing, Ecological Staircase, Mendocino

Seeing leads to thinking, which leads to what we do in the world—how we act, what we aim for, what we’re striving to achieve.  Seeing occurs in the space of consciousness—even the folks at Harvard have come to this conclusion.

Seeing—true seeing from our souls—is a spiritual activity.  It precedes thinking in that it—the life force/prana/spirit—permeates all of life.  This activity connects us instantly with our own authenticity. 

From this perspective, we really do have the power—dormant as it may be—to re-envision a healthy future.

To the extent that we are unable to recognize the truth of our essence (our authenticity) and operate from there, reveals the extent to which our planet suffers from our presence.


Bodega Head, CA

Seeing the World as Futurists

Within each of us is the seed for visionary perspective.  From my own experience, it begins with seeing beyond—far beyond—our corporeal selves.

Wondering how?  Just visit your sit spot daily—or spend time in nature whenever possible—and release thinking until seeing occurs.  It does take work.  But isn’t life worth it?

From this spiritual activity comes resonance, attunement, warmth and peace of mind.  All the non-stuff that no business can sell us. 

Now, a closing thought for opening the future wide ~

If there was one single thing we could ask of the businesses and politicians of the world to do—or stop doing—that you feel would go a long way to healing the earth, what would that be?  There’s no right or wrong answer, I’d just love to hear from you!

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