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hammock ocean view


Short Distance …

                  Long Journey




He sees the universe in a grain of sand

She sees the universe in a flowery bloom

Here is a constellation in the making

Here is where the geometry of love

Lives in unbound movements

Just beneath the surface of daily time


Many years in the making this…

An undaunted intertwining

Of co-creative threads

Steadily finding their way

Together once again



Her secret garden

dwelt quietly in the inner light of love

The seeds of what was to come

lay dormant in the belly of the fertile earth


Until the nourishing elixir of his love

Stirred them to grow and bloom


Sisters, let me tell you

How blessed I am

That such an unmistakable grace

Has settled so gently into my life

Like the first rain of autumn…



We save seeds for a vital future



We plant seeds

and wax of dreams eternal



We pull weeds and smile

Knowing that every effort

Every thought

Every action


Infuses that vital elixir

In its slow drip

Into the fertile soil of love

With a nourishing fluidity

That feeds the root system

Of the matrixed network

That entwines our souls

like strands of DNA

That have been activated

By a single breath

Of the expanding cosmos


May we succumb to the warmth of our hearts

May heart and hearth be one for us

Where eternal, divine fire glows


Where according to our readiness

Everything opens



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I have lately been pondering my human frailties…along with life’s joys.

There seems to be an endless letting go that eventually leaves my world brighter, and sometimes it really takes quite a bit of work.  Yet the simple act of observing myself (sight) in a variety of situations leads to endless insights.  Here’s what I’ve learned so far ~

Sight leads us to insight.  It occurs up close and at a distance.  From looking out, we develop an outlook—a point of view.

There are so many different ways of seeing—directional choices—not just near and far, into and beyond, around and through, with detachment or engagement, disinterest, reverence, affection, awe…wonder.  We can glance glimpse, scan or scrutinize.  We can examine or observe something protractedly—like watching a garden or wildlife area grow over time.

Feelings also inform our vision—we can gaze with tenderness or regard with curiosity.  We can be passionately involved with what we are seeing or detached and observant.

Seeing the distance gives us perspective.  Seeing the distance opens our hearts.  A visionary sees what is and simultaneously, sees beyond what is into what could be.


It is a precious and valuable quality to be able to see with both compassion and detachment simultaneously.

When another person inspires us, we see into worlds of intuition and imagination—we are actually seeing with our hearts.  In this way, we become intimately involved in creating energy, vision and dreams that give a special magic to our lives.

What looks solid and familiar—when gazed through the heart—reveals shimmering edges of light, whirls of motion, spirals of life moving—life of a dynamic, formative nature that western culture lacks a language for….and which we miss entirely when we are other than still and attuned.

Is it possible that we are all quietly engaged in developing a new language through which to evolve?

Image The Language of Beauty

J. Ruth Gendler, an extraordinarily gifted writer offers us wise counsel and well-crafted prose in her book, Notes on the Need for Beauty.   One passage in particular caught my attention:

“An Ugandan cab driver in Seattle told me that there were 52 separate languages in Uganda; in his language, the world for ‘beauty’ had different prefixes depending on whether you were referring to a beautiful person, tree or car.”

Gendler goes on to say, “Beauty is a blessing, a gift from the senses to the soul.  Beauty gives pleasure to the senses and exalts the mind and spirit.

Beauty knows innocence and wisdom, harmony and power, intensity, radiance and coherence.  Beauty is natural, exciting and basic to life.  Beauty, like pleasure, is wild and sweet.  Sometimes beauty is outrageous, and audacious and intricate, sometimes quiet, simple, austere.  The beauty of the natural world is incredibly generous and abundant.”

Beauty is wholeness.

The bud, the full bloom, and the withering flower each reveal a different face of beauty.

What if, every day, you stepped more and more into your wholeness as a human being?  You would have to expand.

Your concept of yourself would bump into—and move beyond—all sorts of limiting beliefs.   Why limit yourself to a role, or two or three?

Why not cultivate unconditional love for yourself and see how you grow?  Would there really be a downside?

Develop your discernment.  Learn to discern what dulls your senses, numbs the soul, and cripples your life force.  Quietly or at any volume, let these bits go.

Seek beauty everywhere. Image


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