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Spending lots of time in the spirit of gratitude has revealed something wonderful: the more I give and do for others, the more grateful I feel.  Giving /doing for others creates greater happiness on the inside—it actually creates joy!

And yet, we’re surrounded by a business-dominated world that aggressively competes with itself (at our expense!) to suck our attention toward massive quantities of manufactured objects, parlaying two basic human desires—our imagined need, which is often fear-based—and the genuine desire of most people to give, which in most cases, is love-based.

Divided Consciousness wants Wholeness

Unless you are one of those fortunate enough to be virtually untouched by our flagging economy, we can easily find ourselves in conflict on the inner domain for the two reasons I mentioned, unless….

Unless we recognize this calculated puppetization of our humanity for what it really is and live in the consciousness of that awareness.  This in turn creates an expanded way of seeing and being in the world.  To remain with and continue to expand one’s consciousness begets the cultivation of a spiritual practice.

In so doing, BEING becomes the essential driver of one’s life.

It’s totally an inside job.

Reflect, Relax, Remember

How am I BEING in this world?

What would I like to see be?

What do I love and value?

How can I connect with like-hearted people?

How can I BE in the world that reflects living my values?

In essence, the shift is from perpetuating what’s bad in the world to creating a vision of a positive future and living into it.  Our biggest blind spot is in our own consciousness when we don’t realize that we’re perpetuating negativity by thinking and talking about what’s not working.

Taking a conscious leap into actually designing healthier living patterns for ourselves and our loved ones is where the magic lives.  And it takes conscious living to get us there and maintain it.


Living a whole and balanced life IS a living demonstration of your values.  Doing so automatically creates inner joy and an expanded sense of being.

If we want to see social and environmental change in our lifetimes, we need fully to step into our own version of it.  I believe this is where the New Earth really begins.

Anyone can live the values of a New Earth right now, there’s no long runway.  It’s a matter of choice.  The more each of us discovers that the past actually doesn’t have power over the present—except in our own minds.

So here’s the cool thing…

As we consciously shift from being at the adverse effect of what we don’t like about the world to being conscious creators of what we do like that bring each of us joy, delight and peace of mind—we ignite our own creative genius.  We discover that we have super powers.  No kidding, we really are gifted with unique abilities—all of which are valid and don’t require drawing skills.

Consider your Gifts Super Powers

When we become adept at balancing study (focused intention), meditation (spiritual practice), and being of service—with service being the most essential—we invoke and use our own particular super powers towards creating a better world, right here, right now.  No waiting for our governments to come to an agreement or an accord.  No waiting for externalities to line up first.  We have the power to ponder and choose new realities, new ways of being for ourselves right now.  Today.

When our physical action aligns with our higher spiritual will, it has a profound effect on our emotions.  This alignment actually has a purifying and calming effect on our emotions as our hearts open and express our soul’s own gifts, unconditional love and intuition.  You’ll find that it’s all about resonance.

In permaculture terms, this is the act of living the permaculture design principle of ‘Design from Patterns to Details.’

Have faith that what you have to offer in the world is exactly what the world needs.

This activity is the unfolding of your creative genius. 

Create Space, Trump Time


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