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To fully grasp the dynamic and evolving organization of matter + life, it is good to begin with what is meant by ecology.

The science of ecology studies all interactions among living beings and their environment, whether we humans are involved or not.  Ecology is a study of patterns, networks balances of cycles rather than linear cause and effect.  Because it embraces dynamic systems, the orientation is on the interrelated functioning of whole living systems.  Within a living system, parts that appear at first glance as ‘dead’ or ‘lifeless’ are in fact indivisibly linked to life.  A rock, for example, is a densified trace of a biosphere that once existed in a different molecular arrangement than how it is being seen today.  The same is true for light.  The light we witness today is only just arriving to our eyes in this particular wavelength form.  Its original form is long gone.

The most fascinating aspect of existing and observing life on and in earth is the compelling way in which it leads us from a limited perspective—the analysis/dissection of matter—to a fluid/dynamic one.  And so it is with self-organizing ecology.

When a universe is forming, the beginning phase is usually characterized by a coming together of forces—particle density and heat, for example—that are, to a greater or lesser degree, in a state of non-equilibrium and function under entirely different principles than space, wavelengths and particles in a cooler, expanding universe.  In a cooler expanding universe, a greater or lesser degree of dynamic equilibrium exists, yet its forms emerge through an entirely different set of operating principles than in the formative universe.

So, the macro-patterns of cosmic evolution are echoed in earth’s own dynamic evolution.  To take it one step further, these macro-patterns are echoed in the evolutionary development of humanity’s consciousness, referred to as sociocultural microevolution.  In other words, the evolution of life on earth is closely linked to the evolution of the sun and solar system, of which the earth is an integral part.

Keep reading, because now here’s the really interesting part.

From the interplay between formative and expansive expressions of evolutionary processes, a state of non-equilibrium underlies the development of higher complexity.  The interplay of that which develops from within, co-evolving with that which originates externally is an essential key to the co-evolution of life and its environment.

The most dramatic cosmic influence upon earthly life reveals itself at the molecular level by changes in the structure of water.

All living beings on earth consist of a high percentage of water and thus may be touched at this level simultaneously.  This represents a global capacity for dynamic equilibrium at a scope that’s comparable to Gaia’s living, complex self-regulation system—of which we are, at this time in human evolution—a part.

Sargasso Sea, courtesy of Windows2Universe.org

Connecting the dots between the state of non-equilibrium that underlies quantum leaps in evolution—and the capacity of the human mind to transcend its own thinking patterns and re-create a new outer world from within—it appears that we are at the edge of a quantum leap in human consciousness.  By extension, what reveals itself here also is that human intuition—literally, learning from within—underlies self-transcendence.  Transcending our egoic selves, then, IS the first wave of quantum human evolution.

I’m saying here that intuition—learning from within—reflects the ability each of us has to tune into a holistic memory system.  Since all knowledge is based on experience, and experience is accessible through intuition—even if only partially and in vague contours—the whole system memories of macro and micro evolutionary patterns are becoming entirely accessible to anyone who is attuned to using intuition as a means of navigating life on earth.  What this tells us is that the development of our intuitive faculties is in harmony or ‘right renaissance’ with conditions on earth, despite dire outward appearances.   In other words, conditions are ripe for spontaneous, quantum resonance with fields of consciousness far greater than the level of consciousness that birthed the industrial revolution.

So take heart!  Evolution moves to creates wholeness at an entirely new level of awareness.  And wholeness interacts autonomously and spontaneously with other wholenesses, based on the law of resonance.  Let us discover the  ubiquitous power of water as she moves through entire ecosytems worldwide—including the bodies of most life forms on earth.  Let us discover how we and  water are inextricably linked—and thus able to spontaneously resonate with higher frequencies.

May we all rise to and flow through the great challenges of our time as water—Gaia’s life force—moves us into higher resonance with the inherent creativity that lives within us to align ourselves with the self-organizing ecology of the Earth. We stand at the beginning of a great new synthesis.  Let meaningful living become the moving force of self-transcendence.

            Our search is ultimately devoted not to a precise knowledge of the universe, but to a grasp of the role which we play in it—to the meaning of our life.

                                                ~ Erich Jantsch, The Self-Organizing Universe

Our cosmos as seen from earth


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