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As a planet-populated species, we’ve just moved through a powerfully catalytic full moon eclipse (the ‘pink’ full moon of 25 April) that’s ushered in a potent time for being fully present with one’s self and being fully present with others.

Full moons are peak points of brightness amidst the darkness and eclipses are doorways—opportunities to vision, sense, receive and strengthen ourselves through connection. In particular, the feminine principle is growing in strength.

What does this mean?

                                     We’ve entered the 20 Year Make-It-Or-Break-It

                                    crossroads of  human fate and must gird ourselves for

                                    the long haul as we wrestle truth from illusion.

                                                           ~ Mark Borax, Metaphysical Guide

Imagine—as you awake, to fully experiencing the day as a flower—unfolding and opening in this ever-expanding now … offering a lifetime of memories right here, right now—so expansive is this special time as it entwines with our souls …

Notice your response to the images these words evoke. Do you feel attuned, more open? Self-protective? Perhaps doubtful? Do you have to re-read the paragraph to begin imagining the words?

The real question is, will you choose to fearlessly walk a path of beauty that motivates every quadrant of your life? Will you allow the beauty of the natural world to work upon your soul and reveal a world of harmony in which you can co-exist? Or does this seem impossible?

What if your every thought and action was directly related to the well-being of the earth?

The feminine principle is about space and wisdom, which embodies the whole of life, much like a mother embodies her child for nine months before giving birth.  Like a container that creates the space for the content—much like a cup of tea—the container is the feminine principle.

Masculine energy is the skillful means within this space.  Whether you’re a man or a woman, the yin-yang of the feminine and masculine exists in each of  us—on tap as it were—for wholeness. Yet how many of us drink from this tap? How many of us recognize and attune ourselves to this ‘tap’ daily?

When viewed this way, it becomes apparent that as a species, we’ve been in the grips of a sort of ‘tunnel vision,’ focused on activity for the sake of more activity.

When we tune in to the subtle interplay of tangible and intangible elements in our daily lives, we begin to see the bigger picture between what is truly feminine and what is truly masculine. Holding the space for life to grow and evolve is core to the feminine principle.

And at the end of the day, what do we truly need?  Space … peace … unfolding … this is the feminine principle at work in our daily lives.

Where do you find solace?  Peace?  Authentic experience?

Where can we as a species co-create a constellation of wisdom?

Enjoy this beautiful presentation by Jane Fonda on the feminine principle that comes alive in our ‘third act.’

Consider living as a human of radical peace.



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Photosynthesis and the Art of Sound


Ask any physicist.  There is no ‘thing’ at the root of life and livingness.

The tiniest subatomic particles are described as ‘interference patterns of various sound frequencies’ otherwise known as ‘nodes of resonance.’  This got me thinking.

In many non-westernized cultures, a commonly held, tacit belief is that sound precedes manifestation of all forms and energy.

That sound plays a catalyzing role in creation—that sound itself is a continuum spanning the macrocosm through a hierarchy of iterations that range to the infinitesimal microcosm…

Creation is a beginning.  Something becomes where there was previously non-existence. How can such concepts be made evident in this culture?  There seems to live within me a deep purpose for connecting that which does not have an obvious connection.


What has the power to create has the power to heal.  And so I began some weeks of reflection on the relationship of photosynthesis to sound. 


It came to me one night around 3AM as a profound question for which I initially discovered there is little commonality other than this: sound and sunlight are both wavelengths that impact life on earth.  The next morning I realized, that’s a fairly good start.

As a naturalist, I couldn’t help but then wonder—what of nature’s plant, atmospheric and oceanic worlds that quietly regulate our daily lives?  All create sound.  All aspects impact life on earth—not just human life.

So at November’s annual Daily Acts’ fundraiser breakfast, I discussed the relationship of photosynthesis to sound with friend, wise teacher and dear colleague, James Stark.  He reflected on this for a few moments, and in his inimitably savvy way, pointed out that outside of photosynthesis, the dawn chorus was a living example of the relationship between light from the sun that activates photosynthesis and…the activation of dialogue…of meaningful connection…of life.  The dawn chorus is nature’s daily symphony of news–what an exuberant way to start the day!

DawnChorusAnd so at a macro fundamental level, light activates sound which catalyzes life.  I’d love to extrapolate beyond this with more living examples.  Got an example?  Know someone who does?  Reach out and connect—I’d love to hear from you.

What an awesome way to see the roots of a new earth…

ClarkLittle-golden-waveLooking forward,


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Turn off all of your electronic devices and gaze out the window for a few minutes. Reflect on the changes taking place on the earth.

What do you see?  What do you experience?

Spring in Northern Italy

As you look out the window, do you see you see anything of nature?  What do you see of nature in her wholeness?  Is there, by chance, an entire ecosystem laid out before you?  If so, you are one of the fortunate souls who is viewing the earth as native cultures around the world once did.  Native peoples experienced exhilaration, joy, peace, harmony and a sense of fullness—the fullness of being deeply connected and in tune with the earth and her rhythms.  This is the sense of being completely in touch with oneself, one’s tribe and all living things, including the stars and the cosmos.  Now be honest.  How often do you feel this way?

It’s also quite possible you are witnessing a portion of nature—or possibly none at all.  Perhaps a tree; perhaps some flowers; perhaps some grass.  Perhaps all three living elements exist—perhaps more.  Perhaps there are even birds building a nest in a nearby tree.  Nature presents us with her wholeness in myriad form. A tree, with its deeply connected root system, is in touch with a world that is invisible to us under the earth, yet vibrantly, dynamically alive.  It is the human being of western civilization who sees trees as decorations, accents, something to be used, separate from self.

Sharing the Eternal

Whatever your observation may be, there is an eternal vitality and dynamic peace that nature silently imparts through her existence 24/7.  This feeling of intimacy with oneself through the presence of nature imparts a calling to the entire civilized world—to reconnect with and sustain—a simpler, more authentic mode of being.  It is most subtle, and requires attunement of multiple sense organs.

As we develop our connection with the earth—in particular, as we experience nature as a whole unbroken ecosystem—we recover our authentic presence with the earth community.  There is an inner sense of wholeness as we step into the wilderness community of earth.  Something happens inside.  A spaciousness opens up in psychic congruence with galactic spaciousness.  A kind of ‘fecund emptiness’ that permeates us, dispelling the noise and chaos of 21st century civilizations.  And it is vital to our existence.  Stargazing—what my mother used to do on our back porch in the evening—is a delightful way to evoke this primal inner experience with you, the earth and universe.  When was the last time you—or you and your family—spent your twilight time watching stars emerge into visibility?

Another Inconvenient Truth

There are still about 9 million species alive on the earth.

It is understood across most of the world today that humanity is in fact responsible for global species extinction at, yes, an alarming rate.

Imagine a United Species Conference, where each species had one vote.  Put this question to the group:  “Should the human species be allowed to remain within the Earth’s system of life?” Imagine being humanity’s single representative, attempting to persuade 8,999,999 other species that the human species is indeed worth keeping.  What would you highlight?  Poetry?  Music?  Religious or artistic creations?  The very material that is systematically being removed from our children’s education system in favor of other content deemed ‘more valuable.’  Imagine the other species weighing these contributions in light of humanity’s other accomplishments—agricultural pesticides, warfare, air and water pollution, strip mining, rainforest deforestation, toxic and chemical runoff, plastic garbage littering the oceans, nuclear waste and species extinction?  When they ask “Why?,” what would you say?  That we didn’t know?

  • What is it to share the truth of our unconsciousness with our children?
  • What is it to recognize the mutual presence of a web of life in which the human being is an integral part?
  • What is it to discover that the human is that being in whom the universe comes to itself in a special mode of conscious reflection?
  • What is it to discover that the entire planet earth is a living, numinous organism?
  • What is it to discover cooperative understanding within the forces of nature as the unfolding of a living process?

In the spirit of inspired connection, may you experience the richness of the earth’s aliveness within you and share this with your children.

                                                  If you plan for a year, plant rice.

                                                     If you plan for ten years, plants trees.

                                                         If you plan for 100 years, teach people.

                                                                                             ~ Asian proverb

 ~ ~ ~

Wave of the Future

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