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At these turning points, we have opportunities to pause, moving our attention from surface activity to the forces that bind us with the Earth and with eternity. These forces remind us that we are not living isolated lives, but rather we are threads in a phenomenal tapestry of life.                                                 ~ Balancing Point, by Steve McFadden


As the summer solstice tips us into longish days of light, it also predisposes us to come into alignment with all that is.

The sun’s radiant waves bathe us in long hours of light here in the northern hemisphere … life on this side of the world is quite literally, illumined.

Let’s explore something. If we correlate illumination with truth in the sense that both are revelatory, a common ‘vanishing point’ appears. This vanishing point can be seen to represent a union of the inner with the outer—the viewer with the view, so to speak.

What does this mean?  It means that all the noisy, random craziness of life vanishes in the space of a fully lived moment.  Does it mean that within each moment, all we need to do is to consciously live into the space of each moment to unencumber ourselves from what is not really us?  Yup. That’s exactly what it means.  And it’s an inside job. It’s done internally, moment to moment, hour to hour, day by day.

So, our truth—like a refraction of light—reveals itself to each of us in the fullness of a given moment.  Cultivating this inner barometer is crucial if we are to live in healthy harmony with the earth and teach these ways to our children.

Yes, it takes a village … it also takes a few strong souls to turn tides.

This summer, as you deepen your tan, expand your horizons and extend your playtime, consider strengthening your soul. What a gift you become to all those around you when you discover and honor your own individual purpose for living!

“Everything on the earth has a purpose … every disease, an herb to cure it and every person, a mission.”

~ Mourning Dove (Christine Quintasket), 1932



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As a planet-populated species, we’ve just moved through a powerfully catalytic full moon eclipse (the ‘pink’ full moon of 25 April) that’s ushered in a potent time for being fully present with one’s self and being fully present with others.

Full moons are peak points of brightness amidst the darkness and eclipses are doorways—opportunities to vision, sense, receive and strengthen ourselves through connection. In particular, the feminine principle is growing in strength.

What does this mean?

                                     We’ve entered the 20 Year Make-It-Or-Break-It

                                    crossroads of  human fate and must gird ourselves for

                                    the long haul as we wrestle truth from illusion.

                                                           ~ Mark Borax, Metaphysical Guide

Imagine—as you awake, to fully experiencing the day as a flower—unfolding and opening in this ever-expanding now … offering a lifetime of memories right here, right now—so expansive is this special time as it entwines with our souls …

Notice your response to the images these words evoke. Do you feel attuned, more open? Self-protective? Perhaps doubtful? Do you have to re-read the paragraph to begin imagining the words?

The real question is, will you choose to fearlessly walk a path of beauty that motivates every quadrant of your life? Will you allow the beauty of the natural world to work upon your soul and reveal a world of harmony in which you can co-exist? Or does this seem impossible?

What if your every thought and action was directly related to the well-being of the earth?

The feminine principle is about space and wisdom, which embodies the whole of life, much like a mother embodies her child for nine months before giving birth.  Like a container that creates the space for the content—much like a cup of tea—the container is the feminine principle.

Masculine energy is the skillful means within this space.  Whether you’re a man or a woman, the yin-yang of the feminine and masculine exists in each of  us—on tap as it were—for wholeness. Yet how many of us drink from this tap? How many of us recognize and attune ourselves to this ‘tap’ daily?

When viewed this way, it becomes apparent that as a species, we’ve been in the grips of a sort of ‘tunnel vision,’ focused on activity for the sake of more activity.

When we tune in to the subtle interplay of tangible and intangible elements in our daily lives, we begin to see the bigger picture between what is truly feminine and what is truly masculine. Holding the space for life to grow and evolve is core to the feminine principle.

And at the end of the day, what do we truly need?  Space … peace … unfolding … this is the feminine principle at work in our daily lives.

Where do you find solace?  Peace?  Authentic experience?

Where can we as a species co-create a constellation of wisdom?

Enjoy this beautiful presentation by Jane Fonda on the feminine principle that comes alive in our ‘third act.’

Consider living as a human of radical peace.


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Photosynthesis and the Art of Sound


Ask any physicist.  There is no ‘thing’ at the root of life and livingness.

The tiniest subatomic particles are described as ‘interference patterns of various sound frequencies’ otherwise known as ‘nodes of resonance.’  This got me thinking.

In many non-westernized cultures, a commonly held, tacit belief is that sound precedes manifestation of all forms and energy.

That sound plays a catalyzing role in creation—that sound itself is a continuum spanning the macrocosm through a hierarchy of iterations that range to the infinitesimal microcosm…

Creation is a beginning.  Something becomes where there was previously non-existence. How can such concepts be made evident in this culture?  There seems to live within me a deep purpose for connecting that which does not have an obvious connection.


What has the power to create has the power to heal.  And so I began some weeks of reflection on the relationship of photosynthesis to sound. 


It came to me one night around 3AM as a profound question for which I initially discovered there is little commonality other than this: sound and sunlight are both wavelengths that impact life on earth.  The next morning I realized, that’s a fairly good start.

As a naturalist, I couldn’t help but then wonder—what of nature’s plant, atmospheric and oceanic worlds that quietly regulate our daily lives?  All create sound.  All aspects impact life on earth—not just human life.

So at November’s annual Daily Acts’ fundraiser breakfast, I discussed the relationship of photosynthesis to sound with friend, wise teacher and dear colleague, James Stark.  He reflected on this for a few moments, and in his inimitably savvy way, pointed out that outside of photosynthesis, the dawn chorus was a living example of the relationship between light from the sun that activates photosynthesis and…the activation of dialogue…of meaningful connection…of life.  The dawn chorus is nature’s daily symphony of news–what an exuberant way to start the day!

DawnChorusAnd so at a macro fundamental level, light activates sound which catalyzes life.  I’d love to extrapolate beyond this with more living examples.  Got an example?  Know someone who does?  Reach out and connect—I’d love to hear from you.

What an awesome way to see the roots of a new earth…

ClarkLittle-golden-waveLooking forward,


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Greetings!  We are now officially into the New Year of 2012, with powerful, fearless and conscious choices that release our attachments to what no longer serves our highest good.

In so doing, a light joyful balance rolls in to wash through the old crevices where we’d kept old ideas held tightly, thinking that they would serve us.

Strengthening our vision and dream of what is possible in our lives—despite all outward appearances otherwise—continues to emerge.  This life force dawns each day with divine right alignment.  When we are aligned with the truth of ourselves, it becomes apparent that a harmonious pattern of divine intelligence is already in place—just waiting for each of us to wake up to its presence.

There is a sort of primal intelligence within every living being—animal, plant, insect or human—that experiences itself as an integrated co-creative part of this larger design.  So let the old pass away is it must, and embrace the fluid, life-filled cosmic blueprint of what is yet to be.

Give yourself permission to feel exhilarated for no reason whatsoever.

Give yourself permission to speak your truth compassionately.

Delight in the newfound space of your expanding being.

Begin to live the life you have always dreamed of.

When we ALLOW the old beliefs to fall away, and get right down to our essence, what else is there REALLY?

So, just be.  Just dream.  You’ll know when the moment is right to say YES with all of your being. 🙂

Beach mandala, courtesy of Sparrow Queen

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There is infinite vibrance and originality in the spirit of living and seeing the world holistically.

Cape Finisterre, Spain

Something potent within awakens, and moves into  an expansive and deeper way of living in the world.

The impulse to create something meaningful with one’s life is a sacred expression of one’s gifts.

On this journey, we discover every project or new exploration reveals a story to be shared—and a deeper, more alive existence beyond that which is apparent to the eye.

As we move into new beginnings, let’s bring forth what is most alive within each of us and discover how the living earth resonates with it.

Painting by David Nikias, Waldorf teacher


Imagine every person on earth tuning into their inborn inner guidance and listening to the heartbeat—the life force of Gaia.

Imagine discovering how alive and interconnected—and in need of healing—the earth really is.  Imagine discovering your truest purpose and living it through.

It might just heal the world.

Santa Rosa Rose

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We have become global citizens.

Media has brought this to our attention, even while it bombards our senses with every form of negativity at its disposal.

Travel too, has experientially revealed the impact of our humanity on the wide world—from the truly icky to the spectacular and exalted—our species is mind-bogglingly creative.  In our individually unique way of seeing the world, each of us acts creatively countless times throughout our lives.

In fact, when you reflect on it, each one of us is actually a Cultural Creative.

It’s just a matter of method.

Is my impact in the world beneficial for all living creatures, or….not so much?  We’re each equipped with an inner guidance system—our inherent wisdom—that will tell us the truth.

Like other species that existed before we came along, humanity is chock full of amazing creativity.  My personal favorites are Sarah Bernhardt, Thomas Berry, Marie Curie, Leonardo da Vinci, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Amelia Earhart, Nina Simons  and Brian Swimme.

If you’ve read some of last month’s blog, you already know that we humans now find ourselves at a crossroads with all other living creatures and systems that have come before us here on earth.  We are at what Joanna Macy refers to as the Great Turning.

Intention Invites Inspiration

What is really our uber role as global citizen?  The truth is, a global citizen is inherently a steward of the earth.  Yet, to step into genuine stewardship requires conscious intention.  The kind of intention that—when we’re forced to face how to meet our needs without destroying the world—literally transforms our thinking, breaking old unworkable paradigms along with it.  You could call it conscious evolution, because as we deliberately intend to change unconscious habits and patterns, fresh, new awareness and ideas have space to move in and expand.  Conscious evolution takes place when we intend to grow in consciousness and use our increasing awareness to guide our actions and achieve a positive future.

Are we actually living dimensions of the earth itself?   Then we humans are capable of inviting creative processes into our lives that heal and nourish.  For instance, consider taking on the perspective of water.  Just as the waters of the earth must circulate throughout the planet to benefit all life-forms here, creative cross-pollinating of ideas is essential.  Developing this simple practice will open you to FLOW and bring you into harmonious alignment with what it means to be a genuine steward of the earth.

Stepping into genuine stewardship, an expansive sense of peace becomes palpably more present.  From small steps—like buying produce from your local CSA instead of the nearest mainstream supermarket—to planting trees that carbon sequester your upcoming trip to Europe and feed your family—to selling that large (‘what do we REALLY need?’) home and achieving what our avian species has known for millennia—the sweet taste of freedom while cross-pollinating future nourishment for other life forms.  Wow!  What an amazing living design!

Blue Bird of Paradise; Ecstasy in Motion

Changing the World–One Thought at a Time

Innovative ideas http://www.ideaconnection.com/   are just a click away.  Rock the scientific world with sustainable truths.  Invent jet packs powered by sunlight.  Lay on the earth to diffuse electromagnetic and cell phone build-up.  Design a permaculture paradise that feeds your community.  Cultivate a life of ease and joy.  Choose time banking.  Volunteer for a lake or coastal clean-up.  Leverage your strengths for good deeds.  Nourish your sense of well-being.

Want an Uber Challenge?

Consider this.  In our present situation, failure in creativity at this order of magnitude won’t be remedied later by a larger success.  An entirely new type of creativity is needed.   This creativity must have at its core extreme care of the earth in its functional integrity.  The well-being of the earth’s web-of-life integrity cross-pollinates the next core piece—care of human beings as integral members of the earth community.  This in turn cross-pollinates to the third component—care of the future.  To truly become an integral member of the earth community, we must heal our relationship with ourselves as we develop deeper more coherent relationships with one another.

What an amazing time to be alive!

Of nature’s inventions nothing is lacking, and nothing is superfluous.   

~ Leonardo da Vinci

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